OptiCheck version information
Version 2.0(99)
- corrected barcode reading with Scan_connector program.
- corrected menisc-image rotation in comp- and tune-modes.

Version 2.0(98)
- corrected error-codes list.

Version 2.0(97)
- corrected inspection results, depends of ink-mark selection.
- corrected mistake in steps of "menisc" operation - not right cleaned previous step colors.
- corrected procedure change components "all-like" to active selected component, with right rotation.
- set tolerances control by plan-image dimension instead off matrix-dimension.
- added check and corretion Plan matrix dimension when plan loaded.
- new threshold for control component rotation calculation.

Version 2.0(96)
- corrected the path, where save "Scan_connector.ini" file.

Version 2.0(95)
- saved selected scanner into "scan_connector.ini" for use by Scan_Connector.exe.

Version 2.0(94)
- moved "read-barcode-block" into RUN mode to inspect process directly.

Version 2.0(93)
- corrected component leads moves objects, when pcb has rotate angle.
- added pcb side support (top, back) for use in result text and special-images files.

Version 2.0(92)
- added manual barcode reader support: read barcode in Run-mode, save in text-results file, save barcodes list.
- added general options for element's operations execution.

Version 2.0(91)
- optimized time for inspection by coping current component model only.
- optimized time for save results of inspection into text file.
- save component model-name in field "mark" into text file.
- corrected mistake with showing bads-components results in Test-mode.
- added option to start OptiCheck without password control.
- corrected current model name in component and after converting.

Version 2.0(90)
- corrected mistake with component tolerance, if board has rotate angle.