Place_it_VV version information
Version (27.10.2005)
-Corrections to dispense
-Corrections to find component by mouse click if some components are not found in library
-F12 lets to see dispense points in project and run views

Version (13.10.2005)
-Added support for USB dongle

Version (21.02.2005)
-Corrections for displaying components with different rotations on screen

Version (18.02.2005)
-Fixed error with file send to machine from Machine menu
-Fixed error with file send to machine using buttons in German version
-In file rename dialog already changes "~" to "_"
-You can again type comma "," in fields and it will be converted to dot "."
-You can use right mouse button to display menu on component to rotate it to 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees

Version (14.02.2005)
-Added new hidden parameter in system options which allows to use feeder numbers up to 199 in PlaceData dialog.

Version (28.01.2005)
-Corrected GridWnd header scroll

-Shows more factor value examples in options dialog
-Shows factor in status bar
-CASE field in library is limited to 8 characters

-Some edit fields are limited to following characters: !"$%&/()=?*+'#'-.:<>@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789

-Fixed errors with zoom
-Factor for input fields (can use other units than "mm")
-Library file name must be 1-8 characters long and can have only characters A-Z, 0-9 or special characters ~ _ -

-zoom for image

-Correction for generating *.P01 files
-In all floating fields if user types comma then it is automatically replaced with dot
-If filename which is sent to machine has more than 8 symbols then user may rename it before sending

-If two parts (Pnr) have same number then you can continue to edit, but both parts will be painted red. Also user will have message when leaving PlaceData dialog that he must correct this mistake.

-Changes for Volburg converter

-If board is off then it will not be dispensed
-If loading text file format then Wastebox is set to 1 (was set to 0 before)
-When loading a text file then if component placement angle is less than zero, then add 360 degrees
-In Project/PlaceData dialog part name (Pnr) can be entered up to 10 symbols
-Printing of project name in the header of each page
-Added tooltips if text is too large in the project or communications mode info window (window where you can select active object [Table, Board, Component] and set object On/Off). Tooltip is for Pnr, Case, Value
-Changed mirroring. Now it rotates only elements that have 180 degree pickup angle. Which elements gets rotation depends on horizontal or vertical mirroring

-New message if user tries to dispense a component which does not have any dispense dots in library
-In PlaceData dialog Compname, Compvalue, Comptol, Comp_id fields comma is replaced with dot.

-Added "Delete" button to the Project/Tableau window
-Pressing right mouse button on component or board image will display a menu where the user can switch the object on or off.
-Added converting of Operator info from old PLACER files