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The Automatic Optical Inspection System

Modern Production Technologies...
With the increasing miniaturisation of components in electronic assembly, previous methods of inspection using the naked eye can prove to be unreliable due to tiredness, loss of concentration etc.

...requires the optical inspection...
Automatic inspection eliminates errors caused by the human element when inspecting for assembly faults on a PCB. OptiCheck ensures total inspection in the process from the first to the last PCB.

...within the production process
The OptiCheck system can be perfectly integrated into the production line. It offers network compatibility and interprocess communication without high cost.

OptiCheck is an efficient and flexible system for automatic optical inspection of printed boards.

OptiCheck works on the principle of image comparism, basic modern colour image processing and recognition methods. It follows the listed stages:

  • The scanning unit, the scan box for offline operation, or the inline system scans the board and offers a colour image to the computer for validation
  • Following a pre-defined check plan the system checks the single items using algorithms stored in a component library. Like a placement plan OptiCheck „knows“ at which position a component has to be found

OptiCheck offers a low sales price which will be rapidly payed off. And that although containing a most powerful and covering software platform.

OptiCheck - Inline System OptiCheck - Inline System
OptiCheck - TopTable System OptiCheck - TopTable System
OptiCheck - Software OptiCheck - Software


About OptiCheck 297 KB download
OptiCheck - Inline System 404 KB download
OptiCheck - TopTable System 386 KB download
OptiCheck - Components inspection 1.03 MB download
OptiCheck - Solder paste inspection 828 KB download

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