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SMD pick-and-place machine

The place_it pick-and-place machine is a coefficient tool for in-line assembly of SMD printed circuit boards. The size of the SMD components and the necessity of covering the costs and the ability to compete on one hand, as well as producing great quantities within short terms on the other, represent the decisive factors for the development of place_it. Functional applied economical consideration, realization and optimization by controlling the production sequence and last not least the effort of designing human workstations in waged in-line assembly, influenced the development of place_it.

place_it works after so called pick-and-place principle. It explains, that a mounting head picks up components from a depot, one after the other, and then places them on boards being pretreated either with glue or solderpaste. Removal and transportation of the components is done by and adjusted vacuum-nozzle which is adapted to the particular form of the case. The positioning is done by the moving of mounting head and placement table. In-line assembly as well as the relevant data hereof can be comfortably and safely planned and programmed with the computer software.

place_it place_it
place_it II and place_it II Vision place_it II and place_it II Vision
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