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New computer software available for the place_it. Click here to read about it. Free demonstration version is available for download.

The SMD pick-and-place machine works after the pick-and-place principle. place_it removes the components from the feeder and precisely sets them onto the programmed positions. place_it is able to work up a large spectrum of components. place_it is deliverable with dispenser for glue and solder paste and a wafer tray (tableau) for try packed components. You can buy place_it for favourable prices in sets.


  • Ready to be plugged in
  • Compact construction
  • Simple handling and programming
  • Quick product exchange
  • Internal, buffered data memory (RAM) for up to 64 various in-line assembly programs
  • Control of the presence of the components by vacuum sensor
  • 4 pliers centering system on the mounting head
  • automatic exchange of the nozzles
  • programmable compression for set-up
  • positioning of components in all angular positions
  • integrated vacuum pump
  • glas ruler controlled positioning into X, Y and Z direction
  • integrated error diagnostic system
  • 16 possibilities to center components
  • programmable depression threshold

place_it needs:
Computer with operating system DOS 2.11, Windows 95 or later and storage capacity of at least 512KB, floppy disk drive, RS 232 interface, RS 232 transmission cable

Technical data:

Measures:1547 x 1150 x 610 without tableau (wafer tray)
1897 x 1150 x 610 with tableau (wafer tray)
Weight:Approx. 120 kg without packing and feeders
Mains connection:220 V / 50 Hz / 4 A
Ambient temperature:15°C - 40°C
Pick-and-place area:350 x 240 mm
Workable components:1.2 x 1.8 x 0.4 mm to 30 x 30 x 6 mm (0805 up to PLCC 68)
Component feeding:45 feeders
Workable packings:actually 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 mm belt feeder, common IC-components in bars (up to PLCC 68), trays
Capacity of in-line assembly:approx. 1800 components/h
Capacity of dispenser:Approx. 1 point/s
Component presence control:by vacuum sensor
Set-up compression:6 programmable levels
Angles of in-line assembly:0 - 360° in 0.1 ° steps
Precision of positioning:+/- 0.2 mm
Precision of re-run:+/- 0.1 mm
Utilization ratio of in-line assembly:max 99 printed circuit boards with automatic program doublicating
Amount of in-line assembly positions:max 500 per printed circuit board
LCD macghine display:4 x 20 lines
indicated are: product identification, component identification, printed board number, feeder number, nozzle number, error message, machine and dispenser data, try status
Interface:9-pin D-Sub, RS 232
Deliverable accessories:dispenser station, tableau (wafer tray), digital display, table, MS-DOS program for pattern and recongition, linear vibration feeder for surface mount components in plastic tubes


Advantages of the new software:
  • New, modern and easy user interface that works under Microsoft® Windows® operating system
  • Works with all place_it machines
  • Supports old PLACER files
  • Visually displays the project data
  • Dispenser can be enabled or disabled for each component
  • Prints the project or library data
  • There are new ways to sort the components for assemble (for example by height of the case)
  • Supports new EPROM with increased data transfer speed and new functions

Demonstration version of the software will let you to test all the features except saving, printing or sending files to the machine. The only communications feature which is allowed in the demonstration version is downloading of the machine directory. Because of the steady improvements of the software it is possible, that differences occur between demonstration version and the final product.
Download the file, then unzip it into any directory and then start the Setup.exe file which will install the application on your computer. Uninstall support is included. Demonstartion version is installed separately from the real work version so testing and uninstalling it will not corrupt the working software.
Download the documentation to read the instructions how to install and use the software.

Download the software:

Demonstration version of the Place_it_VV. Read the description above how to install this software. 309 KB
Documentation for Place_it_VV (Revision 013) 805 KB
Latest update of Place_it_VV Read Support page  

Microsoft® and Windows® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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