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place_it II and place_it II Vision

The SMD pick - and - place machine operates according to the pick - and - place principle and is PC-controlled. place_it removes the components from the feeder and precisely sets them onto the programmed positions. place_it is programmed via easy - to - understand Windows user masks. place_it processes a wide range of components.
place_it II vision features a vision system for teach-in, an optical, contactless component centering device, and an automatic recognition of the positions of the printed circuit board and the components. place_it can be supplied with a dispenser station and a wafer tray for tray-packed components. You can buy place_it at favorable prices in sets.


  • Ready to be plugged in, including PC and monitor
  • Compact design
  • Simple operation through programming on Windows environment
  • Quick product change
  • PC-controlled (comes with PC)
  • Assembly programs and data can be stored on hard disk or diskette
  • Control of presence of components by vacuum sensor
  • Automatic tool change
  • Programmable compression for set-up
  • Positioning of components in all angular positions
  • 4-plier centering system on the mounting head (place_it II only)
  • Integrated vacuum generation
  • Integrated error diagnostic system
  • Programmable Z-axis
  • Multiple-panel programming
  • Integrated dispenser
  • CAD data import

  • place_it II can be retrofitted Into place_it II vision, even subsequently.

  • place_it II vision only
  • Optical, contactless centering
  • Fiducial finder (automatic recognition of the positions of the printed circuit board and the components)
  • Teach-in of the assembly coordinates
  • Teach-in of the component feeders

  • Technical data:

    Overall dimensions:1550 x 900 x 650 (without feeders)
    Weight:Approx. 120 kg without packing and accessories
    Mains connection:240 V / 50 Hz / 4 A
    Ambient temperature:15°C - 40°C
    Pick-and-place area:350 x 240 mm
    Component range: 
       place_it II vision0603 - PLCC 68, QFP
       place_it II0402 - PLCC 84, QFP
    Number of feeders:Max. 90 (45 are included in the scope of delivery)
    Capacity of in-line assembly: 
       place_it II visionapprox. 1800 components/h
       place_it IIapprox. 2300 components/h
    Dispenser capacity:Approx. 1 point/s
    Set-up compression:Programmable
    Angles of in-line assembly:0 - 360° in 0.1 ° increments
    Precision of in-line assembly: 
       place_it II vision+/- 0.05 mm
       place_it II+/- 0.1 mm
    Control of component presence:By vacuum sensor
    Panel assembly:Yes
    Available accessories:Dispenser station, wafer tray, linear vibration feeder, special suction nozzles


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